Q: How are your products shipped?
A: Our cheesecakes are shipped in EPS (Expanded Polystyrene) containers with Dry Ice included. A corrugated cardboard box finishes the package for added protection.

Q: How long do your cheesecakes last?
A: Our cheesecakes are good for up to 6 months frozen and 10 days in a standard refridgerator.

Q: How many servings do your cheesecakes have?
A: All of our cakes are 9" in diameter. Our regular cakes are 32 oz and contain 10 slices. Our large cakes are 56 oz. and contain 14 slices.

Q: How long do your cheesecakes last in the container
A: Our cheesecakes last up to 48 hours inside our EPS container.

Q: What method of shipping do you use?
A: We use UPS for all of our shipping. For Southeastern orders, our cheesecakes are shipped via UPS Ground, and will arrive
"ready-to-serve" within 48 hours. Orders outside the Southeast are shipped via UPS 2nd Day Air and will also arrive "ready-to-serve"
within 48 hours.

Q: What is your refund policy?
A: HOPE's Cheesecake will gladly refund your money or replace your cake (whichever you prefer) if you are unsatisfied for any

Q: Can I place an order to be received on Monday?
A: No, we cannot initiate shipments on the weekend. We ship Monday-Wednesday, except for orders in the near area and orders requiring Saturday delivery.

Q: Can I place an order to be delivered on Saturday or Sunday?
A: Saturday delivery is only available in Next Day Air service and also require additional charges. Saturday delivery may not be available in some rural or remote areas. Sorry, we cannot ship cheesecakes to arrive on Sunday or Monday.

Q: What if the recipient is not home at the time of delivery?
A: Hope's UPS shipments do not require a signature for delivery. Cakes will be left in a safe location near your door (excluding apartment buildings). A better alternative would be to ship to a business address, as these shipments take place during the normal business day.

Q: Can I place an order to be shipped to Alaska or Hawaii?
A: Yes, please phone us for charges.

Q: Can I place an order to be shipped abroad?
A: Unfortunately at this time we are unable to ship our cheesecakes abroad. Our perishable product cannot withstand any possible customs delays.

Q: May I place an order to be shipped at a later date?
A: Yes. Please specify when you would like it in the comments box.

Q: How long do your cheesecakes stay fresh?
A: Our cheesecakes are good for 10 days refrigerated and 6 months frozen (after delivery).

Q: May I refreeze your cheesecakes
A: Yes, HOPE's cheesecakes are designed to be frozen and refrozen. Simply rewrap the cake in plastic wrap and freeze.

Q: May I have my cheesecake shipped to a P.O. Box
A: No, UPS only delivers to physical addresses.

Q: If I order more than one cheesecake, can they be packed in the same container to reduce shipping costs?
A: No, our cheesecakes must be shipped singly in our custom designed EPS packaging. Shipping rates are calculated according
to size and weight.

Q: What does HOPE's Cheesecake do with my information?
A: HOPE's Cheesecake keeps contact information of customers for our use only. We do not sell or give out customer information
to outside companies. Our customers might receive updates from Hope's Cheesecake through mail or email, but all information
will be kept in-house. ©